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Financial Accounting


A comprehensive and high-quality accounting services . Managing the accounting documents , archiving , submission of tax returns , assets and payroll , tax optimization , counseling , etc.



For detailed information of our services offered, see our prices .



Online Accounting


By adjusting your company's accounts with our software, we can offer accounting services in real-time.


Online bookkeeping is a simple and convenient solution particularly for mobility loving entrepreneurs. In addition, online accounting will ensure faster and easier business processes.


Financial Analysis


To get a better insight into the company's fortunes, and the results, prepare financial analyzes according to the company's specific circumstances.


The financial objective of the analysis is, for example, the company's profitability and efficiency of measurement, evaluation of liquidity, or the like. Financial analysis helps to assess the company's current situation and on this basis to improve its financial position.


Payroll and Personnel Accounting


Outsourcing Human Resources Management saves significant time and money for the Company’s financial department, also making their job easier and faster.


Austin's team organizes all the activities required to manage the company's employees, including. payroll and leave records, personnel data management, communication with the Health Insurance Fund and the Tax Office, where necessary, and so on.

Management Accounting

Management accounting deals with the preparation and interpretation of accounting information for managers. Correct analysis will help to remove bottlenecks and improve operational planning.


Management accounting is applied, for example: cost calculation, inventory optimization, and other activities related to the daily processes.


Accounting Software



For its services Austin uses local financial softwares EEVA and Merit. EEVA is a full ERP system suitable for larger companies, including production companies.

In addition, if necessary, we are ready to work with other financial softwares, eg Books / Hansaraama, Erply Books, SimplBooks etc. if the Company's management is not interested in implementing new software.

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